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Here’s what others have to say:

Home Buyers:

“We also have been meaning to tell you that the gift package of certificates for local businesses which you gave us was invaluable. It not only allowed us to save on much needed and wanted items, but it encouraged us to drive around our new area and meet local shop owners which was wonderful. It is a great, great gift for the new homeowner and it was greatly appreciated by us”

Customer of Ned Meloni, Tropical Realty of Suntree


Real Estate Professionals:

“Be Our Guest allows me as a Realtor to help introduce my customers to so many of our great local businesses. The gift certificates are a great value and I think that buyers really appreciate them. Thanks you for providing such an affordable & thoughtful product!” Brittany Adamson, Florida Lifestyle Realty

“Love the service….so prompt and accommodating. My clients LOVE the package.” Donna Tidwell, Ideal Real Estate

“I love this company & so do the buyers I represent! Always considered a thoughtful gift and never anything else.” Carol McNamee, Florida Lifestyle Realty

“Be Our Guest Marketing is a valuable asset to the Space Coast Real Estate Community! Every time I have presented their gift to one of my home buyers it has been a hit of the first magnitude. Reasonably priced and packed full of free goodies it has always had a positive impact on my customers. Thanks, Be Our Guest for making it easy to decide at closing time what gift to give!” Bill Oswald, Melbourne Beach Property, Inc.

“You guys are awesome, quick and efficient! I will be ordering several more for my upcoming closings.” Tim Sparks, cApollo Realty

“..they’re so awesome, I will be doing this for every closing!!! Katie Adkins, Daignault Realty, Inc

“I am so glad that I decided to give your buyer’s closing gift package a try. I apologize for thinking that your product was just an unimpressive book of coupons, when instead the package is a very tastefully presented collection of gift certificates from restaurants and other businesses in the area of the buyer’s home purchase. I saved money based on what I usually spend for a closing gift and it gives my buyer a lot more value than any other gift I can think of. I am sold on your product. I wish you had something for sellers also!” Ruth Ann Harvey, National Realty

“I wanted to be really thoughtful about the closing gift that Four Star Real Estate gives to our excited clients. Finding Be Our Guest packages was a win-win all the way around. I couldn’t be happier with the service, my clients couldn’t be happier with the product, and Laura is a pure joy to work with. I recommend this company to anyone who wants to deliver a thoughtful quality gift to their valued clients.” Nancy Ann Bartlett, Broker, Four Star Real Estate

“As a busy agent, I’m always looking for ways to improve and streamline my business. It seems like I was always scrambling at the last minute to come up with a thoughtful closing gift. After trying a package from Be Our Guest, this is now my go-to solution! Laura has put together collections of gift certificates matched to nearly every zip code in Brevard County. Buyers truly appreciate all the great meals and services offered by merchants right by their new home! This valuable service has absolutely earned my endorsement!!” Bruce Kwitny, ReMax Solutions

“The gift certificates that are in the Be Our Guest packages are awesome! I have nothing but great feedback from all of my clients that I have given these gifts to. What a great way to introduce somebody to a new community. I highly recommend this gift for your Buyers.” Denise Bridge, Remax Aerospace

“I just want to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate Be Our Guest Marketing packages. I’m so impressed with the selection and value of the gift certificates provided by Be Our Guest Marketing. Not only are they helpful in setting up your account, they go out of their way to accommodate your customers. I was in a real pinch recently when one of my buyers decided to come look at their new space because they had a holiday weekend. I thought I had loads of time to put together a closing gift for them, but instead, they would arrive the very next morning. My buyers were very grateful and can’t wait to use these lovely gift certificates. I love the gift certificates Be Our Guest provides and the support it gives to our local shops, restaurants and vendors. It’s a wonderful way to introduce our community to our newest residents. What a welcome! Wonderful customer service!” Mary Harvard, Century 21 Ocean

“My condo buyer, Carol, loved her gift. She’s used her haircut and Ace hardware certificates so far. Great value.” Robert Buback, Century 21 Paradise Palm

“I gave the BOG to a young buyer who did not know where to have anything done. The wife told me that her biggest fear of moving was finding a new hair stylist, she called me to let me know that her worry was over, she used the gift certificate and fell in love with the guy who did her hair. She is scheduled to have it done again in a few weeks and she is no longer worried about finding a new hair stylist, she has a new one for life.” Amy Moreau, Florida Lifestyle Realty

“What a great product and my clients love the certificates!!!!” Jason Lande, Exit 1st Class Realty

“Thank you so much for accommodating me at the last minute. My clients opened their package and were so excited to see something for the Cocoa Beach Health Club. They were also happy to see certificates for local vendors as they are new to the area. This is a great way to say Thank You to my clients and I will be using your service and recommending your company to other agents.” Connie L. Benz, Coral C’s Realty & Property Mgt.

“I’d like to thank you and your great company, Be Our Guest Marketing, for providing the perfect gift for my customer who just purchased a condo in Cocoa Beach. He was very impressed with the quality of the gifts included in the Be Our Guest package. Since he and his mom are new to the area, he greatly appreciated the opportunity to try out different local merchants. In my opinion your product is a great value and your service is terrific. You handled my last-minute request quickly and in a very professional manner. I appreciate all your help. Be Our Guest Marketing is a valuable asset to all Real Estate Professionals doing business on The Space Coast. Without a doubt, I will be doing business with you in the future. Again, Thanks for your outstanding work.” William A. Oswald, Melbourne Beach Properties, Inc.

“It’s an easy breezy no brainer….to order, buy and you don’t have to think much about it, it’s done for you!” Carol McNamee, Florida Lifestyle Realty

“I have used Be Our Guest closing gifts over the past few years. They offer a wide variety of gift certificates that my clients love! Highly satisfied with this service, and well worth the money!” Sandra Nickless, Coldwell Banker Paradise

“Sometimes when I work with a buyer on just one trip out I have not had enough time to really think of a specialized gift for their closing. Be Our Guest Marketing has made my “buyer’s gifts” easy. After one particular closing, the buyer came back to me and really wanted to thank me for that envelop of gift certificates. He had already used over $200 of gift certificates in under a month. Thank you for the job you do. Very helpful to me.” Aaron Parr, Re/Max Solutions

“The reason I choose Be Our Guest over other closing gifts is the fact that it is a great value. It also gives my clients, especially those new to the area, a chance to get to know our local businesses and what they have to offer. Be Our Guest certificates are from a wide range of businesses so there is something for everyone!” Lisa New Landen, Realtor, CENTURY 21 Paradise Palm

“The main reason I give Be Our Guest packages is because the buyers love visiting local vendors. I especially like giving these to buyers new to our area. That said, I still give them to locals because often there are vendors in the packet they have never known about or visited!” Karla Bress, ReMax Aerospace

“I have given Be Our Guest closing gifts for a half dozen of my buyers and they just love them! My last buyer was so impressed and thanked me over and over. He is new to the area and these were a great way to introduce him to some of the local places close to his new home. The price is so affordable and your buyers remember you each time they use one of the gift certificates!” Donna Sprague, Property Marketers, LLC

“We gave one to a buyer yesterday at closing, and they were thrilled. They are part of the Northrop Grumman Relocation, and they were excited to receive this.” Jeff Chancey, Prudential Sterling Properties

“As a local real estate agent in a very small town, Titusville, my clients who relocate to Titusville always want to know “where to…..” It’s a pleasure to give them their closing gift full of great gift certificates that I can offer my personal recommendations on because those are the places I do go and really do recommend. I love the idea of keeping our small businesses alive and thriving and glad that you introduced me to Be Our Guest! Your packaging is beautiful and your company is a dream to work with. Thanks for making me look good at my closings and providing a way for me to provide a perfect closing gift to all of my clients!” Lynn Ganster, PA, Broker Associate, Morris Williams Realty

“We have used Be Our Guest several times and gift certificate packet is awesome! In the one we gave the other day there were $25 gift certificates to a few local restaurants, a free haircut, and a free oil change, just to mention a few… My clients thought it was fantastic!! ” Debbie Sanders, Tropical Beachside

“I just had to take a moment and let you know what a wonderful and perfect closing gift this has been for my buyers. It gives my out of town buyers the opportunity to get to know their community and feel welcomed. It gives my clients who have been nearby neighbors a chance to visit and get to know some of the great businesses they may not have realized were in their own backyard. AND what better way to provide them with an excuse to relax and treat themselves after the chaos of the move. Thank you for providing a wonderful and useful gift for me to give my treasured clients. The packaging is so elegant – a delight to present. It’s just perfect for everyone.” Shelly Carner, Century 21 Ocean

“What a great way to introduce your clients to their new community and the local businesses! Be Our Guest Marketing is a simple and affordable way to leave that lasting impression with your clients. I will continue to use Be Our Guest Marketing for all of my clients in the future!” Jay Alford, Broker Satellite Beach Realty, LLC

“Hey Laura! I just wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know that my buyers loved the Be Our Guest gift certificates. There really is no reason for me to buy my buyers any other gifts. Great idea and I can tell you my Agents will be buying lots more packages in the future!” Mitch Ribak, Broker Tropical Realty of Suntree, Inc., Tropical Realty Beachside, LLC, 100MPH Marketing, The Real Estate Success Network

“Hi there, I wanted to put up a testimonial about the closing gift I received for my client: She was a first-time home buyer and loved the fact that all the gift certificates were so close to her new home. She has already started using them and thanked me for thinking of her and her husband. Thank-you for making this closing so great!” Rose Street, The K Company Realty