You’ve worked hard to get to closing; sealing the deal with a great gift shouldn’t be a hassle or take up your valuable time. Give your buyers the Ultimate Closing Gift!

  • Contains hundreds of dollars worth of valuable Gift Certificates for your buyers to use at local area small businesses.
  • Takes the stress out of selecting that perfect, thoughtful, and affordable closing gift for your buyers.
  • Perfect for every buyer, regardless of sale price.
  • Click, click, DONE!

Purchasing a gift card to a big box home improvement store or chain restaurant is forgettable and a waste of your hard-earned commission.

Not giving a gift is wasting a opportunity for post-sale marketing.

Why not provide your buyers with a personalized gift that says “Welcome to your new community; Be Our Guest to all of these wonderful products and services offered by our local merchants”?

Our Participating Host Merchants are eager to meet your buyers and welcome them in to their businesses. You can be assured that they will receive a warm reception and great service when they visit. And they will think of you each time they redeem each of the valuable gift certificates.

A Be Our Guest Marketing Gift Package is only available for purchase by Real Estate Professionals and can only be given to their buyer at closing. This makes your gift unique and one-of-a-kind!

Ordering is quick and easy.  Your gift is shipped to YOU to give to your buyers at closing.

If you have questions, or need immediate help, please call us at 321-613-3003.

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The Ultimate Closing Gift!