One of the biggest challenges of any business is attracting new, highly qualified customers. Nothing is more frustrating than spending hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars on advertising and not getting the results you were counting on. At Be Our Guest Marketing, we provide local area merchants the opportunity to direct market to new homeowners at a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising. In fact, we don’t advertise your business; we promote it! And we promote you to the highest quality of customer: the new homeowner.

  • New homeowners are credit worthy and anxious to integrate into their new community.
  • They are actively looking for your products and services and yours will be the first they are introduced to.
  • Be Our Guest Gift Packages are given to the homeowner at closing, not months after they’ve already established relationships with your competition.
  • These new customers are not “coupon clippers” or “bargain shoppers”. They are credit worthy homeowners who have been given a valuable gift from their Realtors. Welcome them once and you will have a customer for life!
  • Be Our Guest Marketing offers exclusivity. Once you become a Host Merchant, you will be the only provider in your area and category. All you have to do is provide outstanding products and services to your new customer. We do the rest!

Contact us today to learn more about being an exclusive Be Our Guest Host Merchant!

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