About Us

Back in 2013 a wonderful couple came to me to buy a home.  During our time together, they asked me about the area and where to go for haircuts, car repair, good restaurants, etc.  This is a common conversation.  Realtors are often the only point of contact for new residents.  When it came time to decide on a closing gift, I realized I wanted to get them gift certificates to all the great local businesses we talked about!

At that moment, I realized there was a genuine need to create a memorable closing gift for busy Realtors while supporting every community’s greatest asset: our Local Merchants. Six months later, Be Our Guest Marketing, LLC was born!

New residents don’t need help finding the Big Box Home Improvement stores or chain restaurants. They want to know “where the locals go”: to eat, get their hair done, have their car serviced and a host of other needs. Our local businesses are eager to welcome these new residents. They are our hometown heroes, always giving back to the community, and they deserve our support.

Be Our Guest is a labor of love. Love for community, love for the real estate industry, and love for helping local businesses thrive. If you share this passion, please contact me to learn about opportunities to grow your own Be Our Guest business in your community!

Thank you for your business and your friendships.

Laura Fadok, Founder